Estate Agency The Digital Package

£150 a month

You can now get the best of our digital offerings all bundled up together for an amazing price of just £150 a month.

We've combined our most popular services to make this the best digital deal we can offer. We've included unlimited videoettes, fortnightly e-zines, a hosted website, lead generation tools, market analysis and access to our Digital Hub where you can take advantage of our highly competitive print costs to take care of all your print marketing requirements.


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All your Digital needs covered...

For great value and complete online coverage. Take a look for yourself:

The Digital Package The Digital Package
Website & Hosting
Unlimited Videoettes (Including backstock)
Fornightly E-Zine
Instant Valuation Module (Also available for non-hosted websites)
Appointment Booking Module (Also available for non-hosted websites)
Live Chat
Pre & Post Valuation Mailers
Market Analysis Tool
Access to our Digital Hub (Competitive print prices & automated campaigns)
Printed Marketing - 4 Monthly 5,000 Canvassing Card Drop
(Printing & Delivery organised on your behalf)
£150 a month
(£125 without website)
£275 a month
(£250 without website)

What's included?

Website & Hosting

Pick one of our beautifully designed responsive websites which work on desktops, tablets and smart phones. Complete with a variety of modules to fit every design optimised for SEO.

Not only do you get a fully responsive website, but you also get access to the Content Management System so you can make as many changes to the site as you wish without incurring an extra charges. Want to change the text on your homepage, add opening hours to your contact page, change an image?

This can all be done in the comfort of your own office within minutes. We have 5 tried and tested templates for you to choose from; each one has been carefully designed using best practice methods, giving you the greatest opportunity to grow your brand and make the right impression.

Sample Site

Pre & Post Valuation Mailers

With fully branded pre & post valuation mailers, we've made following up on an appraisal request as simple as possible. Accessable through our Members area, simply add the vendors details and click send.

We also provide templates for lettings pre/post valuations, so we've got all aspects covered.


For each new property that you list, we will automatically generate a stunning videoette for you to use as part of your marketing collateral. We combine video content and still shots of the property to create a professional looking video.

These videoettes are an engaging and powerful tool to promote your properties. The videoettes are produced automatically using still images and a small number of appealing snippets of generic video content.

Each videoette is created within 48 hours of a new property coming on to the market. If your website is hosted through Property Logic, we will also add the videoette to the full details page of the property making them a unique automated product.

Demo Videoette

Instant Valuation & Appointment Booking Tools

Instant Valuation - Potential vendors find out what their home is worth within 60 seconds. The Instant Valuation tool converts your website traffic into those all-important leads. The tool sits on your homepage and invites your visitors to get a free, immediate online valuation in exchange for their details. It acts as a compelling CTA (Call to Action), engaging the potential vendors / landlords before the click off your website.

When a visitor completes the valuation, you as the agent will receive an e-mail with the details of the potential client. The user can also request a full market appraisal and you will again receive an e-mail with the details so you can call the customer straight away and start boosting your property stock.

Appointment Booking is a valuation booking tool for your website. It offers prospective vendors the ability to book a preferred date and time for property valuations with ease and efficiency.

Your office can choose its availability and clients are invited to select a couple of slots which would suit them. They will then receive an e-mail confirming the times requested. Your office can then confirm the appointment with the client. It's quick, mobile and available 24 hours a day.

Offline demo - Appointment Booking
Offline demo - Instant Valuation

Live Chat

Live chat is the fastest way to engage with your customers.

Our live chat allows potential vendors or prospective buyers to quickly and simply interact with you in real time before they leave the website, increasing the chances of high value engagement and more sales.

The live chat system comes with a built in admin system to manage these chats. You choose when to make yourself available.

Your customers will have a better experience as the wait time to answer any queries is greatly reduced. In this new face paced world we live in, it's not something you want to be without.

E-Zine Online Magazine

Communicate and engage applicants and vendors through an automated fortnightly interactive e-zine. E-Zines are an enticing way of presenting your properties alongside interesting lifestyle content, increasing the interaction of your communication and marketing. The e-zines are fully interactive and compatible with all internet browsing devices such as smart phones, tablets and PC's.

We create the e-zines for you using a robust system which dynamically feeds your new property stock, price reductions and other similar information into an online page turning magazine.

Sample E-Zine

Access to our Digital Hub

The Digital Hub is a great way to attract new customers. Simply choose the type of customers you are looking for, where they live and design and send a postcard to only those likely to use your service. It is simple to use and we will help you every step of the way to make a stunning campaign in a few easy steps.

For all your print marketing at a heavily competitive rate, our digital hub makes marketing easy.

Explainer Video

Market Analysis Tool

Simply select which postcodes you are interested in, the minimum selling price and we'll be able to provide an overview of the potential increase in income you could acheive by either increasing your market share or by increasing your estate agency fee.

We display the total market value along with average selling price in your selected postcode areas so you can tailor the report to suit your business.


Page Turners

Our Page Turner system available through the members area allows you to upload PDF documents and create a fully functional online magazine for your customer within seconds.

With the ability to upload particulars, marketing materials and magazines, Page Turners are a great way to present your services to vendors.

Sample Page Turner