Lead generation tools

How can we generate more leads for you?

Instant Valuation - Potential vendors find out what their home is worth within 60 seconds. The Instant Valuation tool converts your website traffic into those all-important leads. The tool sits on your homepage and invites your visitors to get a free, immediate online valuation in exchange for their details. It acts as a compelling CTA (Call to Action), engaging the potential vendors / landlords before the click off your website.

When a visitor completes the valuation, you as the agent will receive an e-mail with the details of the potential client. The user can also request a full market appraisal and you will again receive an e-mail with the details so you can call the customer straight away and start boosting your property stock.

Appointment Booking is a valuation booking tool for your website. It offers prospective vendors the ability to book a preferred date and time for property valuations with ease and efficiency.

Your office can choose its availability and clients are invited to select a couple of slots which would suit them. They will then receive an e-mail confirming the times requested. Your office can then confirm the appointment with the client. It's quick, mobile and available 24 hours a day.