Winter Proofing

It’s getting chillier by the day; the leaves have fallen and the time has come to cosy up in front of the fire. Caring for your home in the colder months is vital. If you are planning on selling this winter, the last thing you need is frozen or burst pipes you have to fix and décor to replace!

Here’s 5 top tips to help to get your home through the winter:

1. Guttering
Water should flow freely through your guttering, well away from your walls, to prevent damp and leaks. When it comes to selling, shoddy guttering will let your kerb appeal down, but the occasional clean will make them look as good as new, and keep them in good working order.

2. Loft insulation
Not only does decent insulation keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it’ll add value for the buyers are looking for energy efficient homes.

3. Frozen Pipes
If the water in your pipes freezes, you could end up with a soggy mess. Save yourself costly repairs by setting your heating on low during the day when it’s really cold (especially if you go on holiday) and wrapping your pipes with lagging in the coldest areas, like a chilly utility room.

Make sure you know where to the stop cock is - in case of emergencies!

4. Service your boiler
An efficiently running boiler will reduce fuel bills, save you from expensive future repairs, and your annual service will ensure that you meet any insurance requirements.

5. Safe and secure
As the daylight fades and we switch the lights on, it becomes easier to see into our houses making them more vulnerable. Precautions can include a sensor light, drawing your curtains and keeping valuables out of sight.

Friends can pop in and check your home while you’re away and neighbours will notice when things are amiss – sounds like the perfect time to invite them round for coffee!